Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Reason Behind the Why

I've created yet another today and I ask myself why ? Thye answer is to signal the start of somethihng new that I feel now about myself that I have not felt before. Happy. Yes, I have had glimpses of joy but never something so proolonged that I was able to do anything with it. However, coincidentally I have been happy constantly since the beginning of the month.
So what makes me happy ? The answer is simple - I choose to be happy - there is no other reason.
Yes, there are other parts of me that say this cannot be, but I believe these parts are dying off. They were created by a younger me and have served their purpose. They serve me no purpose now.
So I am happy and this blog is my reflection of that happiness. I hope to fill it with wonder and awe but even if I don't I wil still be proud of it.

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